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Message from Bob

Deceptive Money author Bob Brooks

Be Deceived No More!!

The credit industry has used deceptive marketing and fine print to lure consumers into the seductive world of immediate gratification. Consumers are more entrapped in debt than they have been at anytime in history.

Deceptive Money has taken three years to write. It is everything that I know about credit and getting out of debt. This book has one consistent message. You need to learn how the game is played and how to use the game to your advantage. Understand what credit card companies are really doing behind the scenes. It is never been more important to know your options.

In Deceptive Money, I'm going to show you:

There is hope for what seems hopeless. You just need to know the real solutions. The good news is that I am going on that journey with you through the book.

It is up to you to take the necessary steps to “stop the bleeding” and get control of your finances. It is up to you to take your life back from the credit industry once and for all.

This is your time today. The solutions to your debt problems are right here in your hand. Will you think about making the commitment?