Are You Taking Too Much Risk? Find Out For Free!

I believe that understanding your Prudent Money DNA when it comes to risk is critical to long-term success with investments. In fact, I am addressing it thoroughly in my latest book that I am writing. So, I want to make you an offer.

In order to thoroughly research this idea of risk and Prudent Money DNA, I need real time research. So, I created a very quick questionnaire that helps identify your Prudent Money DNA when it comes to risk.

So, if you take a few moments to answer the survey as well as give me any feedback on questions you don’t understand, I am happy to offer this as a ministry resource and send you a written analysis of your risk assessment. This will tell me your tendencies and what could influence your decision making in the future. This is especially important as we face an uncertain fall.

Understanding your tendencies will help you make better financial decisions.

Further, I will include your financial strengths and weaknesses. It is important to be aware of them. This information will also help you analyze whether or not you are taking too much risk with your retirement money.

From all of this research and your feedback, I can make this writing project a better resource and help further the cause of prudent stewardship.

Just go to this link and fill out the information. It won’t take very long. Incidentally, the only reason we ask for your phone number is in the event we aren’t able to connect with you via email.


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